Chloé. Attitudes

Palais de Tokyo has recently been opened after its reconstruction and has lunched a new spot dedicated to fashion. Up to now the newest fashion program has covered two exhibition. One exhibiton is dedicated to Chloé, called Chloé. Attitudes, which was curated and designed by Judith Clark, and the second one is a performance called The impossible wardrobe performed by Tilda Swinton and curated by Oliver Saillard.

The exhibition Chloé. Attitudes  celebrates the 60-year contribution to Fashion culture and provides an overview of each decade starting from the year 1952 when Gaby Aghion lunched Chloé. Judith Clark decide to present nine kay designers that worked for Chloe by presenting crutial moments in the company’s history. Apparently, the exhibition is not only a tribute to Gaby Aghion  but to all designers that built and contributed to the Chloé. Attitudes.  The exhibition is as well accompanied by  The Alphabet a digital heritage project which had found its inspiration in Gaby Aghion’s letters that have been converted into films.

The exhibition is on show from 29th September to 18th November 2012.


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